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Techniques For Cultivating Creative Insight

Working with Innovation Software design techniques are increasingly becoming more creative. We are using incubation, active play and relaxed focus to help open the…

Joel Magin November 18, 2018

How much is the empathy in your software worth?

In a business world that is often perceived as chaotic and rushed, we need empathy to create connections, bring people together and to forge friendships. In technology…

Joel Magin November 15, 2018

Beware The Innovation Trap

In my experience working with Sydney based businesses on software projects there are a number of ‘Innovation traps’ that come up more often than others.…

Joel Magin November 15, 2018

Big Business Software Innovation

As a team Innovent are looking to work with large corporate’s whose people understand the value that an external innovative software team can bring to their…

Joel Magin November 15, 2018