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Is your software project behind schedule? Is it delivering results at the speed it was promised? Has there been a high turnover of developers?

Whether you’re looking for a standalone team or add to your existing capabilities we can add value. Meaning we provide a full-service team (Frontend + Backend Developers, PM, QA, Designers)

Project Rescue can be extremely difficult to achieve by members of the implementation team if the culture is not one that can support honesty, disruption and innovation.

Hiring external software leaders allows for an objective perspective that is not tainted by history, nor clouded by any career aspirations.

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Getting the basics covered in a project rescue mission is essential

We sit down with you to fully understand your needs and work out the best route forward.

Grant an amnesty

Let go of any history. A new heartbeat needs to be established in the way of working.

Establish a culture of truth

Team members often hide the reality of the project status. Once the truth is all out – it could be very clear what needs to happen.

Establish mission goals

Distractions are everywhere. Stay on target and make sure everyone knows the target.

Simplify everything – Remove any complexity

Process – Don’t create more steps than are necessary.
Bureaucracy – Involve less people where possible.

Realign the team

Offer people the opportunity to leave the project without any reprisal. This is critical for team moral.

Get people doing what they excel at

Where there is work to be done, and the right talent available to do it – line up the task with the right person and accelerate.

Establish effective and efficient communication

Communication is the flow of information moving in all directions. There is little point in establishing a truth culture if there is no way to share the said truth.

Empower your team

You’ve created transparency, put people in the right place, simplified the process, adopted a culture of truth and set the vision. Next, get out of the way and let people do what they are good at.

Identify gaps in your team

If you have any readily identifiable gaps in the team then seek outside specialist help.