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Prevention is always better than the cure for custom software and it’s data

Whether you’re looking for a standalone team or add to your existing capabilities we can add value. Meaning we provide a full-service team (Frontend + Backend Developers, PM, QA, Designers)

Assessing security in your business is a tricky balance between online and offline people, business regulations and objectives

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Software security audit in one week

If a ready security report can be achieved in the first week

Monday: Current state assessment
Tuesday: Risk assessment
Wednesday: Security standard definition
Thursday: Governance definition
Friday: Plan & roadmap

ISO 27001 compliance

Gap assessment and scope definition is the first step in understanding your needs.

Governance, risk and compliance

Pillars that work together for the purpose of assuring that your business meets its objectives through effective utilization of people, process and technology.

Software security

Take your software security to the next level from concept to development to deployment.

Identifying the reasons why security & compliance is essential

We sit down with you to fully understand your needs and work out the best route forward.

The type of project and its needs

Assess the complexity of your security needs, whether you are modifying or upgrading your existing software or replacing it with a new one.

Build in security

Build a security process from concept to development to ensure that your software is designed, developed and deployed in a secure environment from the beginning.

Identify threats and vulnerabilities

Before deployment, avoid the common, as well as evolving, security threats and vulnerabilities your software has, or may have, well before  deployment.

Scalable and repeatable

Develop your own framework to decide the set of applications various security tests need to be conducted on, as well as frequency.

Business focus on security

Keep an eye on your business and employees. so security implications your software has on your business will continue to do so well after deployment.

Security training

Identify security vulnerabilities and bugs in your software due to insecure coding practices or errors and provide high level security awareness training for developers.