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Big Business Software Innovation

Joel Magin - November 15, 2018 - 0 comments

As a team Innovent are looking to work with large corporate’s whose people understand the value that an external innovative software team can bring to their business. Thus far, we have tended to work more closely with the SME business community building software that interacts with large businesses. In the past, many of the larger businesses have been unable to bring innovation to the forefront, for many reasons that are pretty well documented. However, over last couple of years big businesses seem to listening, turning their attention to different business models which can help them become more competitive, more agile, more learning focused, more attentive to their business and customer environments. As our business has evolved over time we have had to adapt to work within large business environments. This alignment means we are now well placed to work with the right ideas big businesses people may have.

Are you a big business with ideas looking to challenge the status quo?

Could you learn from an external consultancy with an agile software development team?

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