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The future of innovation in manufacturing

The Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality, improved software frameworks and other innovations from the past few years have led to a digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. These changes have been causing manufacturers around the globe to rethink how their businesses operate from lean manufacturing and production, to becoming agile in the long term.

These innovations, although invaluable, bring with them a host of challenges – and opportunities – for manufacturers that are looking to stay ahead of the competition.


Providing employee training for maintaining efficiency, identifying how new software can benefit business processes, and determining which new technologies can be used at scale, are just a few examples of these.

As the industry makes sense of the technology advances, many use a software innovation approach to collecting ideas from employees, customers, partners. This is increasingly becoming an important tool in the manufacturer’s toolbox for improving operational efficiencies and driving business value. Managing this entire process is easier said than done, especially where the business lacks relevant skills and team partnering comes into play.

As an innovative software solution provider, Innovent understands the innovation needs of the manufacturing industry, whether you are in automotive, electronics, industrials, or CPG. Our customers use our services to implement innovative ideas around building software that helps drive down costs and improve margins.


How things are starting to change:

Product R&D: Platforms are democratizing R&D talent, the ways AI is helping materials science, and how the drafting board of tomorrow could be an AR or VR headset.


Resource Planning & Sourcing: On-demand decentralised manufacturing and blockchain projects are working on the complexities of integrating suppliers.

Operations Technology Monitoring & Machine Data: IT stack and platforms powering future factories. Firstly, factories will get basic digitisation, and further along we’ll see greater predictive power.

Labor Augmentation & Management: AR, wearables, and exoskeletons are augmenting human capabilities on the factory floor.
Machining, Production & Assembly: Modular equipment and custom machines like 3D printers are enabling manufacturers to handle greater demand for variety.

Quality Assurance (QA): Computer vision will find imperfections, and how software and blockchain technology will more quickly be able to identify problems (and implement recalls).

Warehousing: New warehouse demand could bring “lights-out” warehouses even faster than an unmanned factory, with the help of robotics and vision tracking.

Transport & Supply Chain Management: Telematics, IoT, and autonomous vehicles will bring greater efficiency and granularity for manufacturers delivering their products.

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