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Beware The Innovation Trap

Joel Magin - November 15, 2018 - 0 comments

In my experience working with Sydney based businesses on software projects there are a number of ‘Innovation traps’ that come up more often than others.

1. Misdiagnoses.

Many business leaders accept inefficiencies at face value and it’s not until we take active steps to look beyond the symptoms towards the underlying causes that we can fully understand the problem. One simple but effective technique for a leader is to ask the 5-why questioning process (yes, ask why?five times in a row to their answers to a problem)

2. Superficiality

When changing the way things are currently being done it is important not to just re-badge the current practice without truly altering it. In other words avoid the trap of simply finding more effective ways to do inefficient things. Simply tweaking old ways of doing things when a fundamental rethink is required to help maintain competitive advantage.

3, Core DNA

Before putting in place any changes or process innovation ensure that the activity is aligned to your business or operation. Sometimes innovation needs handling as part of a wider strategy. Too much change through innovation requires a different focus and may require a operational ‘pivot’ or even new entities to be established.

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