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Idea validation and prototyping to test, refine and improve concepts

Whether you’re looking for a standalone team or add to your existing capabilities we can add value. Meaning we provide a full-service team (Frontend + Backend Developers, PM, QA, Designers)

Lean prototyping transforms your idea into an inspiring user experience to be visualised in next to no time

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Prototype & test your idea in one week

Many projects have a ready to validate prototype in the first week

Monday: Understand the problem
Tuesday: Sketch solutions
Wednesday: Evaluate and plan
Thursday: Prototype
Friday: Test then celebrate

Crafting a strong product vision

Product development is an holistic process. Our solutions need to look and perform great. From the start, we have to consider your content strategy, information architecture, scalability, production support and more.

Functional Specification

We will help transform any business ideas into the world of technology. We will sit with you to identify the main actors, processes, use cases, interactions and exception conditions.

Internal design

We will define what technology frameworks should be used in both on the back-end and front-end. We will look to understand how any required third party integrations may work and determine how they interact with your functionality and/or scalability of intended software.

DB Schema

We will define the main structure of the database including the tables and their relationships. This will help ensure your data needs support the processes that have been defined in the functional specs.

Wireframes, Screens and User Flows

We can design the main screen wireframes and user flows of the application with a focus the user experience. Even complex systems should be intuitive, flexible and easy to use and be easy on the eye.

UI design

We will design the look and feel of your software. Our designs are aimed to work for the types of Users and there preferences which often change dependant on the industry people work within. Thought and time is required whenever you are trying to bring your business and your customers closer together.

Why choose to work with us on your prototype

The prototype will allow both of our businesses to get to know one another before jumping into a longer-term partnership.

Validate your idea early

Test your idea on a laptop or mobile in no time and share for user feedback.

Communication +

Rapidly bring together designers, developers and product owners for knowledge sharing. Prototypes help manage communication gaps.

Test prior to build

You don’t need to write a single line of code to test an applications flow, interactions, and animations.

Understand your product, inside out

A functional specification will allow our team to define a scope of work that will give you a clear vision of intended solution.

Obtain feedback

With the visual prototype you can demonstrate your software to your users, investors or partners for feedback before it goes to production.

Set the budget .

With an outline of what it takes to develop the software, you can make smarter decisions on how your MVP will evolve to ensure it meets your goals as well budget.

Identifying the reasons for prototyping is essential

We sit down with you to fully understand your needs and work out the best route forward.

Interpret systems

Prototyping allows people to better interpret system requirements and functionality. It helps to uncover ambiguities and discover omissions.

Will it do as intended

Prototyping is an effective way to ensure custom software will do what it is intended to do rather than what it was thought to do.

Demonstrate function

Prototyping helps developers by demonstrating how the proposed system is expected to function. It can help product owners walk through their desires in detail, fast.

Saves time

Prototyping catches and addresses problems early in the design phase saving you time and helps prevent doing work twice over.

Knowledge exchange

Prototyping provides an excellent vehicle for knowledge exchange. It is here to show you what your custom software needs to do and how well it will do it.

Rapid and lean

Prototyping addresses loose ends and helps decisions around finalising design. It is also used to strip out unwanted feature sets keeping development in line with intended use.

Client engagement

Prototyping gives all stakeholders a greater sense of involvement in a project. The more engaged clients are with the software the smoother the journey.

Estimate costs

Prototyping makes it easier for designers and developers to estimate costs and resource requirements by sharing knowledge helping push accountability to designated task owners.


Prototyping creates key screens that can be used for presentation purposes. Whether you are looking for finance or your sales team need to show the flow of benefits.