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Working with High-Value Software Development Talent Offshore

innovent - November 10, 2016 - 0 comments

Elevate Your Business Using the Cloud

We’ve relied on the cloud more in the past decade than ever. When we update our Facebook statuses, check our bank accounts through our smartphones, watch a movie on Netflix, or edit a Google doc on an iPad, we access data through the cloud. These activities have then since become embedded into our everyday lives because of the easy access and real-time results. But what are its benefits to businesses, especially to those that are just emerging?


The cloud is an agile tool as it can be scaled according to the requirements of your business when needed. A small company can use the same cloud service that a large company uses, and its storage or computing capacity can be adjusted on demand as the number of people accessing it increases or decreases.

It can also be accessed anywhere as long as there is a stable Internet connection, allowing for smooth operations and business continuity anywhere beyond the confines of the office. Working off-site is now part of the norm, and it makes working conditions less rigid.

Reduced Expenses

Working on a service in the cloud means more savings for businesses as there is minimal expenditure on hardware and software. Most services are accessible through an Internet browser or through a dedicated app. It saves on IT infrastructure and manpower as its automation requires less human input or intervention. There are applications on costs and revenue recognition that take the place of one or two accountants who reconcile payments twice the time it takes for the app to do it. Not only does it allow you to save on expenses, but it does the work efficiently like never before. You also have access to an online support team that can provide immediate solutions to any hurdles or glitches you may encounter.

It’s also a green choice as it uses less technical equipment and electricity—everything is done online, so it helps reduce the consumption of everyday office supplies.

Increased Team Collaboration

A team that works on Google docs is one that collaborates well because they are collectively responsible and accountable for the files they work on online. They work together to update, curate, and maintain the content of their files to ensure smooth operations and the centralization of information. It is an opportunity for teamwork and tighter document control.


When a desktop computer crashes, or a laptop is lost, information stored in them is lost forever. However, if your company uses Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, or a similar application to store important files, there is less risk because these applications have built-in security measures that guarantee the safety of your data. In case of power failures, bandwidth fluctuations, or natural disasters, you are ensured that data stored in the cloud are safe and organized. They are password-protected and have encryption features; you can also decide who can view specific files and their corresponding level of access.

At Innovent Software, we are all about innovating processes to streamline operations. Our team is focused on cloud based application & web development for our clients to automate their business processes. We practice what we preach with 80% of our business applications and tools cloud based. Having cloud services have done a world of good to our company, and we are confident that we can continue to deliver the best and timely results as we harness the power of the cloud.

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