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The biggest mistakes SMEs in Sydney looking to build software products make

Joel Magin - November 15, 2018 - 0 comments

Welcome to the challenging world of software development. The majority of SMEs face a Mount Everest of a challenge. Many factors can slow continuous improvement, including competitive challenges, timing issues and product deficiencies.

Here are two big mistakes we see businesses make over and over again:

Mistake No. 1: Good product-market fit is not good enough

In today’s software market, it’s important to define a user experience that is at least 10x better than the status quo. There are a number of reasons for this, but solving it really comes down to one thing FOCUS.

SMEs execute better when they ruthlessly prioritise and sequence efforts where they have product-market fit. To succeed, resist the urge to broaden your focus too much or too soon, and then scale proportionately.

Mistake No. 2: Are you competitively disadvantaged?

Competitors come in many different shapes and sizes. Invest time to understand important, insightful information about your competitors. One often overlooked step is simply engaging with customers about the competitive landscape

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