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SugarCRM Launches i2i Customer Journey Workshop Series

innovent - May 12, 2015 - 0 comments

“Customers are in charge today,” said Phil Winters. “They’re hyper-connected, informed by countless communication channels, and their expectations are sky-high. Our i2i Customer Journey Workshop series will show attendees how to map their customer journey from the customer’s point of view, and learn to apply their understanding of each individual-to-individual — i2i — connection to transform their business, one customer at a time.”

As part of SugarCRM’s “reimagined” vision of CRM, the company is challenging organizations to see themselves from the customer’s point of view and develop a comprehensive map of the customer journey — from awareness and consideration, to purchase, satisfaction, retention, and advocacy. Workshop attendees will learn from internationally known author of Customer IMPACT Agenda, Phil Winters, how to map the journey and identify the individuals involved along the way — on the supplier’s side as well as the customer’s side. By identifying the key points of engagement along the way — the i2i Connections — attendees learn how to build an actionable journey map that dramatically enhances business performance, customer engagement and satisfaction.

At InnoventCRM we place the customers at the centre of our organisation “making every connection count” and have personally seen the benefits of using SugarCRM as the tool of choice. Contact us today to find out more and receive your invitation to the Sydney event on July 22nd 2015

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