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SugarCRM Introduces ‘Informative CRM’ Features in Sugar 7.7

innovent - May 17, 2016 - 0 comments

An Informative CRM Gathers Customer Information From Multiple Sources and Enables Individuals to Find the Data They Need to Do Their Jobs Better

SugarCRM Inc., the company that enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable CRM solution on the market, today announced Sugar® 7.7. The latest version of the company’s award-winning CRM platform includes enhancements to put more timely and relevant information at customer-facing employees’ fingertips. Individuals can make faster, more informed decisions at every stage of the customer journey — boosting productivity and improving the customer experience.

“The pace of business today requires individuals to be able to access accurate information about their customers exactly when they need it,” said Rich Green, chief product officer at SugarCRM. “New features, including tagging to organize data within a common theme, and global search powered by scalable query engines, will help Sugar 7.7 users be more productive, and in turn provide their customers with a superior experience.”

Sugar 7.7 is the next step forward in the fulfillment of SugarCRM’s vision of a modern CRM. New headlining features include:

Custom Tags
Sugar 7.7 now allows individuals to tag any record in the application. The inclusion of tags empowers individuals to better classify customer information in a manner that makes sense to them and to share that same classification with their fellow employees. Unlike other CRM applications, Sugar tags are completely integrated into the Sugar database and are not limited by user or customer. The integration of tags into the Sugar database enables the availability of tags through the improved global search experience instead of a separate tag search mechanism.

Each tag is deeply integrated into the Sugar user experience and data structure. For example, tags are available as filter criteria in search results and are also available as reporting criteria. Tags themselves can also be reviewed and managed in the corresponding module within Sugar. This administrative interface allows individuals to edit, delete, export and merge tags.

Optimized Search Experience
The new search UI includes all of the advantages of the Sugar UX™ that help individuals pinpoint the right information as quickly as possible. The search option automatically expands upon selection, and the result sets can be readily filtered by module and other criteria, while the individual color-coded search results can be evaluated using the preview option. More importantly, each query searches across all Sugar standard and custom modules, will match any text or number stored in the application, and prioritizes frequently viewed records in the result set.

The expanded global search bar significantly boosts the value of Custom Tagging, as relevant tags for search keywords are displayed in the first row below the search bar.

Enhanced Knowledge Base
The Sugar Knowledge Base is a great resource for shared information. Users can write articles about any topic and make them available internally or externally. The Sugar 7.7 Knowledge Base is enriched with the easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate benefits of the Sugar UX. It includes an intelligence panel where context-sensitive display enables agents and customers to quickly find the most relevant articles.

Industry-Leading Capabilities for Marketing, Sales and Service
Sugar 7.7 also includes enhancements that streamline lead conversion for individuals, better highlight key quote and forecast information, and support Sugar Logic in the Sugar Customer Portal. These enhancements, combined with improvements to Sugar’s UI and Advanced Workflow functionality, make it the CRM of choice for organizations looking to empower all customer-facing employees to build extraordinary customer relationships.

Sugar 7.7 is available today. For more information, please visit or contact InnoventCRM today on 1300 781 681 or