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SugarCRM Debuts ‘Relationship Intelligence’ Product

innovent - July 18, 2017 - 0 comments

SugarCRM has released a new feature that will save salespeople time Googling their prospects.

‘Hint’ is the debut product from the company’s new Relationship Intelligence product line. It lets end users provide only basic contact details (e.g. email, name, company) for an individual and then it automatically searches, tunes, and inputs the rest of the personal and corporate profile details for that contact.

Hint gathers and analyses customer intelligence from a broad range of social data sources so users can quickly and efficiently learn more about their prospects to establish a productive relationship, the company said.

The product is designed to increase productivity by decreasing the time salespeople spend on administrative work, allowing them to focus on substantive research, make calls and build business relationships to drive closings.

“For almost two decades, consumers have used the web to acquire information in a frictionless, simple and repeatable fashion. Contrast that with today’s business applications, where value is directly related to the amount of information provided directly by you and your colleagues,” said Rich Green, chief product officer at SugarCRM.

“With Hint, we are flipping the enterprise data model to that of the consumer world and placing more accurate and timely data in front of the CRM user at internet scale. This concept is the foundation of our new Relationship Intelligence product line and is leading the natural evolution of CRM, moving it from being a record of what has already happened to a customer-facing employee’s guide to the future.”

Future SugarCRM Relationship Intelligence products will rely on predictive analytics and machine learning techniques. These analysis techniques evaluate large data sets to reveal insightful patterns, prioritise opportunities, identify issues and make intelligent recommendations for next best actions in customer interactions and processes.

SugarCRM Hint is now available in the US and is due to be released in APJ later this year. It is available for an introductory price of US$15 per user, per month.

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