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SugarCRM CEO talks customer engagement, selling, and the empowered digital consumer

innovent - August 13, 2015 - 0 comments

The phrase “customer engagement” expresses the value and importance of interacting with buyers.

We all want prospects and customers to interact positively with our brand and products. While unhappy customers often share their stories online, converting customers into fans, or even brand advocates, is another story altogether.

On one level, it’s simple. If customers love your product or service, they will naturally tweet about you, “like” you on Facebook, and tell their friends how great you are.

All that is obvious. The real meaning of customer engagement is assembling the mindset, processes, and technology required to delight customers so they will engage consistently and positively.

Here is a transcript of Larry Augustin’s comments on customer engagement and the empowered digital consumer, edited for length and clarity:

I think of customer engagement as the degree to which have mind share with the customer, in any degree, when they are interacting and operating with you. So are they engaged with you, are they talking to you, are they explaining their business problems to you. Are they interacting with you? Twitter is an example of that. Are they a supporter of you on Twitter, and are they interacting with you on Twitter? Likewise, on other forums, to what degree are they working with you.

I think of engagement as a measure of satisfaction. So if they’re asking you questions, if they are helping other people understand your business, they’re engaged. If they’re silent, if they’re quiet, they’re not responding to surveys – well, they’re not thinking about you and they don’t care enough. Those are not engaged customers and you have to understand why they’re not engaged.

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