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Software estimation

We know what it takes to build efficiency in your business processes. We can help you analyse and optimise these processes and build software to make your life easier.

So you have found our team of software technologists. Well what’s next?

Businesses such as AbilityMap, ILS, 3PC, & Rydo had to start somewhere right? In their own way, they all asked for an early estimate, so that's what we do - we replicate success. Click on our success stories below and/or continue reading to understand more about how we evolve your ideas into an estimate that achieves it's goals.

So what were the methods we used to estimate at the beginning of the relationship?

As you may expect after 17 years consulting and 500+ software builds we have used many different estimation processes. Today’s methods often reflect today’s business environment in the world of automation and globalisation – where ability to identify risks in approach really matter.

“However, we simply don’t know the ‘ultimate approach’. It depends a lot on the situation and the people involved, how they communicate, what they see as their role in driving the project forward.”


We do though have a number of guidelines that help make an estimate better and this is

  • Find out if this estimate is for the ‘next step’ or ‘end solution’

  • Get the best requirements documentation you can.

  • Do some early high level design first.

  • Divide the problem down into smaller units.

  • Get a developer or tech lead to estimate the smaller units.

  • Know the team you are estimating for.

  • Know the technology you are estimating for.

  • Check the ratios.

  • Allocate time for the inevitable non-project activities.

  • Assume you only see a fraction of the total.

  • Expect quality of estimates to be proportional to the time put into them.

  • Find out what the estimate is being used for.

What key things have we learnt from going through this process?

  • People get really excited about ideas being transformed into ‘digital’
  • The process can be made enjoyable for everyone.
  • Key relationships are formed
  • We uncover the true strength of the team united

What are the benefits in our approach?

It depends on how far you take it.

Seeing the confidence that exudes from a united team where each person has the knowledge to be accountable for tasks related to their strengths and passion can be a driving force as much as tangible savings in terms of time, money and accuracy.

You can explore the above case study links to start understanding the how, what and why we work the way we do OR you can simply contact us for a chat, without expectations.

Some customers need more than an estimate they need a plan that works to a business model:

Mike Erlin
We knew what we wanted our business model to do and we already understood what’s possible regarding technology. What we were looking for was for guidance in how to structure development. We wanted to be able to take advantage of customer feedback throughout the development process. Innovent was able to show us how to do that, and they did it in a way that matched the way we communicate and expect results.

— Mike Erlin

Founder & CEO at Ability Map

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