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Software architecture reviews are an effective way of ensuring design quality and addressing architectural concerns

Whether you’re looking for a standalone team or add to your existing capabilities we can add value. Meaning we provide a full-service team (Frontend + Backend Developers, PM, QA, Designers)

Do you want to assess your system’s quality against the requirements of your customers, the architects and the developers? We have methods and tools to support an evaluation process.

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Whatever your aspirations, an expert has a given set of methods to support the analysis of software architecture quality attributes.

If software architecture analysis reviews are done in one week then they might look like this

Software Architecture Analysis Method (SAAM)
Monday: Develop Scenarios –  brainstorm with the scope of identifying the type of activities that the system must support
Tuesday: Understand system architecture(s) – notations used should be well understood by the participants and must indicate the static representation of the system
Wednesday: Classify and prioritise scenarios – classify in to direct scenarios and indirect scenarios (include individual scenarios)
Thursday: Assess scenario interaction – when two or more scenarios are requesting changes over the same component(s) of the architecture, they are said to interact.
Friday: Overall evaluation – Assign weight to each scenario in terms of its relative importance to the success of the system. The
weighting ties back to the business goals supported by a scenario or other criteria like costs, risks, time to market, etc

Identifying the reasons why software architecture reviews are considered

We sit down with you to fully understand your needs and work out the best route forward.

Need to assess some of the quality attributes in your software?

SAAM is a  proven method to quickly assess many quality attributes such as modifiability, portability, extensibility, integrability, as well as functional coverage.

Is your software suffering from performance or reliability issues?

Our software architecture review methods can also be used to assess quality aspects of software architectures such as performance or reliability.

Is the architect of your software really able to understand the quality of your developed software or software under development?

Software artifacts can be analysed and measured. Many software projects are started by developers who understand little about system architecture. As a system grows pain often becomes apparent.

Innovent is experienced in joining project teams at any stage, and can take control of the software architecture that is failing whatever the cause.

The ‘classic’ approach  to evaluate software quality is to assess the “conformance to requirements”; scenario-based evaluations shift the focus of the analysis towards estimating risks and uncertainty associated with the systems’ requirements, architectural decisions and strategies.

It is important to understand that scenario-based assessment techniques can coexist with the classic approach.

The innovation in our approach resides in
explicitly associating quality requirements with scenarios and then quickly validating them in an agile and lean way.