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The Advantage of a Software Development Coach

“We believe smart people are good people to work with”

— Mike Erlin

CEO, Ability Map



“We believe smart people are good people to work with,” says Mike Erlin of Ability Map. That’s a serious compliment coming from the founder and CEO of a company that wrote an algorithm to take the guesswork out of matching people to the right job.

Ability Map’s software profiles the skills required for a role then objectively assesses an individual’s skills to rank that person regarding their suitability for the role. It’s a disruptive approach to recruitment, and Innovent was able to consult with the Ability Map team on how to get the software far enough along to get client feedback without passing the point of no return.

“We knew what we wanted our business model to do,” says Mike, “and we already understood what’s possible regarding technology. What we were looking for was for guidance in how to structure development. We wanted to be able to take advantage of customer feedback throughout the development process. Innovent was able to show us how to do that, and they did it in a way that matched the way we communicate and expect results.”



Ability Map was co-founded by Mike Erlin and Kevin Chandler, whose calculations form the basis for the company’s algorithm.

“Showing your potential clients a product that isn’t complete is a brave move,” says Sean Donnelly, one of Innovent’s directors. “Mike and Kevin were willing to do that to test their model. That made their software development more robust because it was constantly being tested, tweaked and tested again. This is one advantage of bringing in software consultants early. They can suggest a project arc and plot an iterative approach, coaching the company around an agile approach to design and strategy.”

Iterative development, incorporating feedback and lessons during the process, allows for faster and more cost-effective development than traditional methods centred around focus groups and large upfront budgets. And the testing of assumptions at every stage makes the results better.

I don’t view Innovent as external to the business. We won a contract the other day, and I included them in the emails. They’re a part of my wider team, and I value their input as we continue to develop our software.

— Mike Erlin

CEO - Ability Map