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Marketing Automation Made Easy – InnoventCRM with SugarCRM & Inbox25

innovent - March 5, 2015 - 0 comments

At Innovent we believe in taking your CRM system to the next level with Marketing Automation. What does that mean? Marketing Automation comes in varying levels of complexity but the essence for us is driving more traffic to your business via website campaign’s, social media and more. At the same time capturing details of all those who have been onto your site and building a database inside your CRM of all these prospects “automatically” via your Marketing Automation software like Inbox 25.

SugarCRM and Inbox25 have worked together for a number of years to make a seamless Marketing Automation solution for Australian businesses.

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The INBOX25 Module for SugarCRM goes further, faster and deeper than any other platform on the market. To help prove it, we made a list of the top 63 examples of how we make SugarCRM sweet. Enjoy!

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