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Join the Digital Disruptors and Reap the Customer Engagement Rewards

innovent - February 28, 2017 - 0 comments

You’re hearing a different tone from SugarCRM these days. It’s about being the CRM disruptor.

We’ve always seen ourselves as the outlier in a field of mundane Customer Relationship Management providers, many who sell CRM as a small part of a business application suite. Frankly, we like it that way because we want to only focus on CRM.

From our inception, when we launched an ambitious startup to provide cost-effective CRM that transforms businesses, we have looked for ways to make SugarCRM stand tall above the crowd. We pioneered open source CRM. We gave customers our source code to let them know no limits. We provided options for on-premise, private cloud or public cloud. We added mobile functionality without the crazy hidden charges imposed by other CRM providers. We continue to add functionality through new alliances with other vendors, such as our Customer Journey Plug-in from AddOptify, Relationship Analytics for Sugar from TrustSphere and the Gmail Plug-In from Collabspot.

And we know from our customer feedback that we are a dependable source of business transformation in this era of disruption. So call us the disruptor, the challenger, the maverick any of the terms are correct. Because we are the only exclusively CRM company leading the way through this thicket of digital transformation.

In this time of unbelievable change in business models around the world, SugarCRM helps tomorrow’s leaders agents of change like yourself who are embracing CRM technology to create a differentiated customer experience — tear down the status quo and engage with customers in unique and compelling ways via digital channels.

We have so many maverick stories about companies driving change, but here is a snapshot:

A leading global financial services firm: the conservative bankers had multiple existing CRMs already deployed in the bank from which to choose. They wanted a platform to provide high-touch, concierge service for their wealthiest clients. They chose Sugar because they needed not just the most flexible CRM platform, but the concierge CRM service that only we were ready to provide.

CitySprint: the largest same-day courier company in the United Kingdom uses Sugar to up-end its 20-year business model and thrive among disruptive competitors like Amazon. By leveraging Sugar as the core of customer information and processes, CitySprint has transformed itself into the leading UK logistics services provider as well as the household courier brand its always been.

Cells4Life: This leading repository for stem cell tissue leveraged Sugar to build a revolutionary laboratory management system because it didn’t like the inflexible, out-of-the box CRM packages in the laboratory industry.

They close Sugar as the CRM platform to build an entirely new customer experience around.

We’ll be telling other stories about disruption this year, and introducing you to some of the people customers and Sugar staff — who are plotting new ways to engage with customers.

Throughout the year, we will continue to share how Sugar is the best CRM platform for digital transformation and how Sugar champions are true CRM Mavericks.

Be a CRM Maverick yourself. Challenge the CRM status quo. I look forward to having you join us on this journey.

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