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Innovent’s partners acquire bot studio to boost conversational Artificial Intelligence offerings

Joel Magin - November 18, 2018 - 0 comments

Conversational artificial intelligence

Whether you love or hate them, conversational interfaces have started making a significant impact in the business communication landscape. Many businesses realise that conversational interfaces are likely to cause a major shift in communication there are many who are skeptical.  Like all things they have limitations, but they are here to stay and they will get better and more advanced, and I expect that the current issues will be resolved over time.

XOXCO  is the business that developed Howdy which was the first commercially available bot on Slack that helps users schedule meetings through conversational artificial intelligence.

Innovent’s partners Microsoft and XOXCO have teamed up together in the past. XOXCO also built Botkit, which provides developer tools to users on GitHub.

Microsoft sees a “world where natural language becomes the new user interface,” helping people be more productive. Microsoft has unveiled a new set of open-source tools to help businesses build out their own branded digital assistant. This development shows Microsoft is interested in getting customers to use its developer tools under the hood just as much, if not more, than adopting its own digital assistant Cortana.

As customers of Innovent set out to design conversational interfaces such as chatbots and virtual assistants, they continue to ask us for advice on how to develop these technologies in a way that will benefit people while also maintaining their trust.

Innovent believe in the responsible development of conversational artificial intelligence and will only work on ethical projects. As Innovent’s Managed Team numbers grow they will build Chatbots on the fly to solve many problems they face internally and for our customers.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistants for business conversations has shown that they are highly effective for supporting sales, service and other business functions across multiple industries.

These tend to work as virtual sales assistants have humanistic conversations with customers and prospects, and they enable businesses to handle more leads than ever before while delivering polite and persistent lead follow-up that translates to increased sales – and these virtual assistants never get tired or sick or take a day off.

Businesses love these bots because the assistant’s efforts free up salespeople to do more valuable activities, and customers love them because they have a great experience and get attention when they need it.

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