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Exclusive Video Interview with SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin

innovent - January 28, 2016 - 0 comments

The CRM executive reflects on the company’s recent developments, plans for 2016, and the economy.

CRM is a rapidly moving industry, but from time to time, it can be nice to take a moment to reflect on its current state and what lies ahead. SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin recently stopped by CRM magazine’s New York offices to chat about the company’s expansion and acquisitions, enhancements to the SugarCRM platform and marketplace, and improvements scheduled for the new year.

For Sugar, “the next wave of CRM is in helping individuals do their jobs automatically,” Augustin told CRM magazine. This means arming customer-facing professionals with tools that can import data into their systems so that they don’t have to, while enabling them to figure out their next moves.

“One of our views is that CRM needs to help a company manage the full customer lifecycle across the business,” Augustin added. “That means not just sales, but [also] marketing…customer service and support—all of those people and processes in a company interacting to help serve the customer.”

Click on the video below to view excerpts from the interview.

[The above video was produced by CRM magazine’s Editorial Director David Myron.]

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