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Building an app for your business: Should you go onshore or offshore?

innovent - March 17, 2015 - 0 comments

While it’s long been the norm for Australian manufacturers to offshore aspects of their business to save on costs, in recent years there has also been a strong trend for small and medium businesses to outsource their work and administration tasks overseas.

One industry that has experienced strong momentum towards offshoring is the app development industry. Most Australians cite its cheaper price tag as the biggest drawcard of offshoring app development. Labour is expensive in Australia compared to many other countries, particularly our Asian neighbours, so there are potentially significant savings to be made in designing and building app’s overseas.

Furthermore, offshore agencies are often renowned for producing results quickly, ensuring you stay on schedule and budget.

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Despite these benefits, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ has rung true for many who have taken the path of building an app offshore. Outsourcing app development overseas means that both the technology and cultural standards that can influence aesthetics are likely to be different, possibly making the final appearance not what you’d hoped for!

At Innovent we have overcome the challenges off offshore software development with our Dual-Shore approach. At any time our clients can pick up the phone and speak to an assigned Sydney based project manager to answer any questions, offer high level tech support as well business & application specific technical and non technical questions. Our team in the Philippines are experienced and professional software developers who work hand in hand with our Sydney team to ensure quality, timely outcomes on each clients project we undertake. Contact us today for more information on this Dual-Shore approach 1300 781 681 or

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