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5 Unmissable tips for new/growing business owners

innovent - September 24, 2015 - 0 comments

If I had a time machine and I could go back in time and correct all the mistakes I had made when I first went into business, things might have turned out very differently. Like any new business owner, my first years in business were ones of finding my way and getting lost. I stumbled and made a lot of mistakes, and I regret that someone hadn’t “told me so” given me the shortcuts and inside knowledge. I also don’t accept the notion that making mistakes and wasting valuable time is all part of the necessary learning curve that new business owners must endure. In business, time is precious, so saving time and resources by knowing what processes and tools to use to help you grow an efficient and effective business is worth more than any business degree or course.

It’s important to establish vital infrastructure in your business so that you can build and scale very quickly from the start-up phase to an efficient and effective business. Software and processes, implemented early, are the key if you want to build sales, profit and cash flow much sooner than if you stumbled around in the dark wasting a lot of time. These tips are from my own personal experience in terms of what I got wrong in the start-up phase of my business as well as what I have learnt over the last 20 years

1. Create a Policies & Procedures manual
2. Use cloud services where possible, and buy, don’t steal your software
3. Have a daily time management process
4. Don’t let email rule your life: adopt an email management process
5. The most important process for all new start-ups: delegate

At Innovent we believe the right business systems in place, automating your workflows will change your life. After 15 years of optimising our clients businesses using the latest technology and software, you will not be disappointed in engaging with us for your business, software automation needs. Call us today on 1300 781 681 or


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