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5 Quick Wins for Organization-wide CRM

innovent - April 11, 2017 - 0 comments

If you’re spearheading a new CRM project within your organization, it’s important to remember you are not on an island. Your colleagues, presented the right amount of information, will likely be interested as well because everyone has something to gain from it.

In fact, “selling” project internally is critically important. If you don’t do this your whole CRM initiative will face an uphill battle right from the beginning.

There are some tried and tested outcomes that you can aim for when you first get started with a new CRM platform. It always helps to see see fast and tangible results to help get your CRM off to a great start.

These goals are designed to get a number of departments involved and motivated early on in the process, and they form a backbone to develop an organization-wide CRM strategy.

1) Help Sales to acquire new customers

New customers are something that no business would turn down. CRM is great for shaping sales behavior – giving salespeople tools, processes and information to boost their performance and win rate.

CRM helps salespeople prioritize opportunities and think smarter about working their pipelines – it’s about using a qualification process. Simple and effective!

2) Help Account Management  boost revenue with customers

One of the most important things you can do with CRM is more deeply understand your customers so you can better anticipate and serve their needs.

Getting account management features set-up from the start brings customer information together in a digestible way so you can profile customers and help account managers plan their cross-sell / up-sell activities.

3) Help Marketing to engage more effectively

CRM helps you understand your audiences and engage with them meaningfully. It can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

By measuring marketing effectiveness, CRM can form a closed-loop system that lets you track responses and attribute leads to specific campaigns – even when engaging offline.

4) Enable effective, efficient customer service

Streamlining customer service and giving agents better support reduces costs and boosts customer satisfaction.

Customer service reps can can tackle inquiries quickly and independently when they’re supported with the right tools, workflows and information in CRM.

5) Provide business intelligence that lets everyone act on fast

Practically everyone in an organization benefits from being able to monitor and measure performance. CRM helps you keep an eye on anything that’s meaningful, from headline figures to granular detail.

By setting up dashboards looking at leading indicators and how they affect outcome goals, helps you improve as an organization.

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