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4 reasons to hire Innovent over an in-house developer (on staff)

innovent - August 15, 2014 - 0 comments

If you are trying to decide between using an in-house staff member (software developer) or an external agency (development company) to support, develop or enhance your existing software you may be interested from our extensive experience with the below points. While at first it may appear cheaper to hire directly your own dedicated developer, very few companies actually factor in all the costs of development licences, software and hardware as well shared overhead. You may be surprised to find that the opposite may be true that outsourcing the need is more cost effective. Please find below 4 of the reasons we believe put Innovent and possibly other external agencies ahead of the direct hire option:

  1. Expertise
    An individual developer is usually an expert in a few aspects of design or development, however we rarely find one, including our own staff that is able to cover all areas. While they might be able to develop something that meets your needs short term, a single developer working alone will never be able to produce the same quality of solution that a highly experienced and specialist team can produce, especially on large or complex projects.

    At Innovent we have a diverse team both in our Sydney and Philippines office of skilled software professionals. This team are each experts in their own area—requirements gathering, user interface, web development, database design, quality assurance and testing as well software development and mobile app development. We provide ongoing training to our team’s to ensure they’re kept current with the fast paced software industry.

    After 12 years and countless staff interviews and tests we have developed a powerful and effective system for identifying, evaluating and hiring the right developers. How confident are you that you can spot a good individual developer from a mediocre one that will cost you months or even years of delays? As we all know, what is put on a person’s CV is always what you want to see, rather than what you don’t!

    A larger and diverse team of software professionals can avoid issues that would trouble a single developer or even a small in-house team, and delay delivery of your software project—by allocating additional resources, or having the right expertise to call on as required. An individual developer only has a fixed number of hours in the day to invest in solving a problem, and usually won’t have easy access to a support network like the one Innovent is able to provide.

  2. Productivity
    Internal developers (on staff) always have a certain amount of company administration to address as part of their role within a company—internal phone calls, emails, meetings. People get sick, attend training courses and go on holiday, and inevitably this eats into productive development time.

    At Innovent, this overhead is on our time and not yours. When you engage Innovent, the hours you purchase or bundled package you chose are used solely to work on your project and if you purchase an ongoing development and support package from us, you also don’t pay for bug fixes.

  3. Reliability
    A developer working solo in an organisation often does not have the structures or development processes to enable them to produce the best quality result. These structures and processes can include pre-planning, code reviews, testing, and structured feedback. This unstructured workflow can cause a great deal of uncertainty regarding delivery dates and service quality.

    Innovent has been in business for 12 years and have a stable team of expert developers in Sydney and the Philippines. We’re well known in the industry for quality software systems and solutions. We have worked with 400 plus clients both SME and large multi nationals in that time, always honing our skills and experience. We work on many core business systems and web-based applications, and as a result we now have some of the best development processes and formal test procedures in the industry. We guarantee that our processes will produce great solutions that are on budget and bug free—leaving you to focus on your core business.

  4. Affordability
    Innovent’s unique dual shore approach to software development projects allows our clients to have the local relationship for communication of requirements, installation, technical development tasks as well training. Coupled with a more affordable solution with our expert development team in the Philippines. With this larger team offshore we are also able to scale up and down in size far more quickly than we can in Sydney. As you would appreciate Australian employment, let alone recruitment is a time consuming and costly process. Innovent takes the stress out of that with our structure and unique business model.

Below are a few other benefits to partnering with Innovent for your software development and support needs

  • No need to recruit staff, process payroll, tax, workers compensation and other human resource management tasks
  • Our project management system and simple, itemised monthly invoice gives you complete cost control, transparency, and no surprises
  • Our experience with proactive recommendations and sound advice from our team of development professionals including database designers, graphic designers, project managers, PHP developers, .NET developers and testers.

    Call us today to discuss your software needs further on 1300 781 681 for an obligation-free discussion and initial meeting with one of our business managers.